Frank Sinatra, My Way, With Lyrics

Frank Sinatra, My Way, With Lyrics

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  1. Yeah a lot of people will

  2. You guys do realize Frank was a closet gay, right? This song is literally about sucking cock. Ask Vito Spatafore.

  3. Kingsman 2 bring me here!

  4. I love this song

  5. true art

  6. And Exxtra Thicc

  7. why did this kind of music have to die out? ;-;

  8. This is the Theme Song of Hell

  9. What a happy way to start off the song

  10. What a man – Such swagger. He delivers the song like a boss.

  11. I sang this in January at my Grandma's funeral. She would be 95 if she was still alive. She always loved Frank Sinatra. I loved her music; I had to sing this for her. I miss you grandma… ❤

  12. when this song is better than all the crappy songs today

  13. The Zappy Channel: Thomas

    46,078,786 views gg

  14. John Niel Wenzel Terrado

    This is a popular song in the Phils. cause theres a myth if you sing it in a karaoke duel and you two are drunk and if the other person did it better (not my way because his way is better :P) the other guys who lost will kill the better singer by shooting, stabbing, etc.
    LOOOOL btw I'm a teenager but I really love 1940s to 1980s song so I always visit these songs

  15. I just read the part in the harry potter books when dumbledore died and now im just listening to this song and crying my eyes out because this song jk said that it was dumbledore song

  16. i'm the only one who came here because of the adida's commercial ;(

  17. Man was this guy great…a kingsman

  18. hitting_things_with _broken_trees

    green machine!

  19. I love this so much… beautiful

  20. I'm here because I like the song.

  21. Un Señor Encorbatado

    The end was quick… and EXTRA THICC
    I did it Akuuuuuuuuuuuuuu's waaaaaay

  22. I will always cry to this song, not only is it beautiful but because I would always remember my dad singing along to it. Every time we play this song, no matter what he sings along.

  23. heavy breath at 3:55.. Love this!!

  24. Bad Ass song.

  25. The Akuuuuuu's waaay!

  26. This is so…. Mighty

  27. This is mighty memes right here

  28. Hey Comey .. you did it their way you fucking pussy.

  29. I came here from the kingsman trailer

  30. Mike MartinezCarusone

    Who's here cause of kingsman the golden circle?


  32. Notice how he come's in just a bit behind beat? Awesome.

  33. I'm sad that he died😞 he had a great personality and voice

  34. I have a little to much RE2PECT for this song

  35. I love this so much! 🙂

  36. Idk what the hell kingsman 2 is but the trailer looks badass and brought me here!

  37. It's sad that this is the third result…

  38. i came here from sing (I REGRET THIS)

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